Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's New?

Where Oh Where Should My Next Review Be?
Michael needs your help deciding where to tape his next video review. We’ve posted a poll in the side bar. Vote today! Voting will go through April 26th.

Boys Blogging Books is going to add Mini-Mondays to their agenda. Our youngest reviewer yet will join the ranks starting April 27th! 6 year old Aaron will be doing video reviews of his favorite Picture Books. Be sure and check it out.
Give young boys books they love and they will grow into young men who love books!

Guest Reviewers
Are you a guy who loves reading but can’t commit to being a full time reviewer? Boys Blogging Books would love to hear from you. If you have read a book that you just love and want to share let us know. We would love to post your “Guest Review!”

In Boys Blogging Books News
We have made a few cosmetic changes to the site and updated the reviewer info. What do you think?
Kurtis is excited that he has made it on to iTunes! His songs My Heart is in Ontario and The Gift of a Memory can be found on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon. They are part of the album: Salmagundi: A Collection of Things Congrats Kurtis!

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