Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wolf Brother-Michelle Paver

Wolf Brother
Author: Michelle Paver
Reviewer: David

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver is an action-packed odyssey that has been on the National Best Seller list. Set in 6,000 BC, Wolf Brother is about two friends: Torak, a twelve-year old boy, whose father has been killed by a mindless bear and Wolf, a wolf around 3 weeks old whose pack has been drowned by a flood. Torak is able to speak the wolf language because he has a special gift. Unfortunately, early in the story Torak is accused of stealing a roe (an ancient deer), and is taken to Fin-Kedinn, the clan leader, who will decide his fate. Torak’s fate is to fight Hord, a raven clan youth, and Torak wins the fight by blinding Hord with steam from a stew. When a dark evil called the soul eaters threaten to take over the world, Torak and Wolf must fulfill the prophecy given to them by the leader of the Raven Clan and kill the demon-bear. Joined by Renn of the Raven Clan, the threesome journey to the Mountain of the World Spirit where Torak will give his blood to the World Spirit, and the demon-bear will die. The world created by the author is cool, and I hadn’t thought about that ancient time like that before. The dangerous setting was intriguing. Also, the characters were appealing because the wolf and human could talk to each other and were friends. I’d really like to be friends with a wolf. Wolf Brother is the first book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series and is the most renowned, too. The sequels to Wolf Brother are, Spirit Walker and Soul Eater, which are also very good. This book is definitely very hooking, so don’t read it unless you have time to sit on the couch for long periods of time. Lastly, in 2005 the press announced that there will be a movie of Wolf Brother, but the release date has not yet been determined. Overall, Wolf Brother is a big hit and will last for a very long time.

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