Monday, March 31, 2008

We Love Carrie Jones!

There's a "We Support Carrie Jones" campaign going on over on LJ.

So, for the record, there are Carrie Jones supporters here on Boys Blogging Books!

If you are legal voting age, and a Maine resident be sure and check this out:


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend

Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend
Author: Carrie Jones
Reviewer: Kurtis

Imagine finding the love of your life and thinking everything is going to be perfect for the rest of your life. But then, as if out of nowhere, you find out he is gay. This is what happens to Belle Philbrick in Carrie Jones’ Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend. When her boyfriend, Dylan, her “Golden Boy” admits to being gay it’s as if her whole world was changed. There is a lot of hate in the world especially with the homosexual community. As the next week progresses, Belle becomes frustrated at how much ridicule both her and Dylan get. It is a constant struggle for her to be there for him while she hates him so much for how much he hurt her. Her only hope at this point is Tom. The boy who has made fun of her his whole life, and now she thinks she likes him. This book was completely inspiring to me. Carrie Jones has a way of making you rethink how you see people who live life in a way that might not be your ‘normal’. I couldn’t put this one down.

What we learned about Postum. (Belle's drink of choice, and Carrie's too.)

Taken straight from the link above. How cool is this?

Postum in popular culture
Postum was sometimes marketed by an invisible cartoon ghost named, "Mister Coffee Nerves", who would appear in situations wherein normal human characters were shown in uncomfortable life-situations (e.g. irritability, lack of sleep, loss of athletic prowess) due to their use of coffee and its negative effects. These cartoons always ended with the humans switching to Postum and Mister Coffee Nerves running away until the next cartoon.[3]
In the book Tips On Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, the main character Belle Philbrick drinks Postum because caffeine gives her seizures.[4]
It was also a sponsor for the radio show "Lum and Abner".

We also learned that Postum was discontinued by Kraft! Oh no what will Carrie and Belle do now?

We found this recipe online for homemade Postum. If you are a Postum drinker and you try it let us know if it works.

HOMEMADE "POSTUM",1630,149185-250198,00.htm

1 qt. fine ground wheat
1 pt. coarse ground corn meal
1/2 c. molasses or dark syrup

Mix the wheat, corn-meal, and syrup. Rub them in the palms of the hand until it is well mixed. Put it into shallow baking pans and brown in a slow oven until it is a rich dark brown. It must be stirred often for even browning. Don't try to hurry the process or it will burn. When it is done, cool and store in a sealed jar or canister. Use like any cereal coffee. I use 2 tablespoons coffee for each cup and a half of water. It may be boiled or it can be made in an electric coffee-maker.
With hot milk this makes a nice evening drink.
If you can't buy ground wheat, you can sort whole grains of wheat and grind them in your blender. However, take them out before it grinds them into a flour.

Moving on to Tom and Duct Tape:
Tom, has an addiction to Duct Tape. Wonder if he knows about this site:
Hey make your prom clothes out of duct tape and win this contest!

Speaking of Duct Tape...
Carrie Jones celebrated her birthday and the release of her new book on March 1st!

Extras brought to you by the adult moderator because Kurtis had a more pressing engagement:

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