Friday, July 25, 2008

Uncle Pirate - Douglas Rees

Uncle Pirate
Author: Douglas Rees
Reviewer: Michael

If you like pirates, talking penguins, and schools turning into pirate academy then Uncle Pirate is the book for you! Wilson has to deal with bullies but now his Pirate Uncle is coming to stay with him. When Uncle Pirate comes Wilson is surprised to see a real pirate and a penguin that talks! Wilson learns a lot from his uncle. Although his uncle is smart he still has to learn to fit in with modern day society. I loved this book and was ready to say ARGH when I was done. You feel so much into the story you will hate to set it down. I highly recommend this book to any kid!

The Outcasts - L.S. Matthews

The Outcasts
Author: L.S. Matthews

Reviewer: Jason

L.S. Matthews’ The Outcasts dares you to think outside the box and discover if the world around you is really what it seems. As a group of misfit teens go on what seems to be a school fieldtrip, they end up being tossed into a different sort of world where the rules don’t apply. Facing one challenge after another, will the group make it out of the alternate world together? Or will one fall behind? The Outcasts keeps you interested with its creepy mood and mysterious twists. I highly recommend it for the great twists and turns it throws at you during the entire story.

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