Monday, April 20, 2009

Things Not Seen - Andrew Clements

Things Not Seen
Author: Andrew Clements
A video review by: Michael


Anonymous said...

I like this book too! Make sure to read the sequels!

eluper said...

Love Andrew Clements but have not yet read this one. I'll have to get my hands on it!!!

Also, don't I owe you guys a copy of Bug Boy? I have a few ARCs and one's got your name on it if you like. Otherwise you can wait until July for the hardcover. It's up to you!

Goadingthepen said...

Can't wait to read Bug Boy. The ARC would be cool.

Reese said...

Cool, a video!

Becoming invisible...hmm...sounds distinctly twilight zone-y to me.

Andrew Clements is totally beast. I bring up his book, Frindle, in my religion class all the time!

The book sounds awesome. *adds to list*