Friday, May 9, 2008

Teen, Inc. - Stefan Petrucha

Teen, Inc.
Author: Stefan Petrucha
Reviewer: Jason

Jaiden Beale lived an ordinary life…Well, as ordinary as it gets if you’re worth forty million dollars and you’re adopted by NECorp, a multimillion dollar company. With all of his decisions being made by the company, Jaiden is forced to live a life in secrecy. No one knows of his identity of the boy adopted by a company. Teen, Inc. delivers a fast paced adventure about Jaiden and his discoveries about the horrible crimes that NECorp has been hiding. But Jaiden’s hardest decision in this story is between whether he chooses the only “family” he has ever really had, or what he thinks is right and ultimately betraying NECorp. Stefan Petrucha’s Teen, Inc. is a wonderful read and I would highly recommend it to any adventure loving readers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review! Please keep an eye out for my next book from Walker - The Rule of Won, out in sept! - Stefan P.