Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole
Author: Peter Abrahams
Reviewer: Joseph

Peter Abrahams’ Down The Rabbit Hole is the first book in the Echo Falls series and other than its adventurous hero Ingrid Levin Hill the most interesting character in the book has to be Echo Falls itself. There are multiple storylines at work here and they are all extremely intriguing, from Ingrid who has to find out who killed Cracked up Kate, to Ingrid’s grandpa (who is probably the reason Ingrid is so feisty) who has to save his house, and a love story in Echo Falls’ history that could be the key to Ingrid finding the murderer. Thanks to Peter Abrahams fine hand we become captured by most of the characters in the book including Ingrid’s dog. It is one of the best mysteries I’ve read and definitely one of the best mysteries for kids.

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Reese said...

Down the Rabbit Hole is a bit of an awkward title though, don't you think?

Makes me think of The Doors...not that I'm big on 60's rock.

But, anyway, I read this book, and it was fawsome. nice review.