Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome and more.

I would like to welcome Jason, our newest reviewer to the blog. Keep your eyes open for his first review, coming soon!

Be sure and check out the new poll on the side of the page. Inquiring minds want to know.

Note to Reviewers:
If you have emailed with an interest in reviewing and you have not heard from me, please re-send. I have been having issues with my email, both in and outgoing. Somedays I have well over a hundred emails cross my desk. Sometimes things slip by me even when I am not having issues. If you have not heard from me, assume that I have not received it. I will try and respond to all inquiries within a week.

Thanks to all for the ongoing support of Boys Blogging Books!

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Jessica Burkhart said...

Yay, Jason! :)

The Maelstroms Themselves said...

Cheerz, Jason. And you're a martial artist? ME TOO! Best.Sport.Ever. The Maelstrom eagerly awaits your contributions to this splendid fellow blog.


Reese said...

Hullo Jason!

Yeah...my friend sent you an email. He was wondering what happened. I'll tell him. *He has a habit of not checking back.*

And Aella, THAT'S the best sport ever? Haven't you read The Princess Bride? FENCING!!!

Oh, and splendid is right.

Not ninjaing tonight,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome everyone, I look forward to sending in my first review and more.

Jason Burkhart

Aislinn Ai Nyx said...

Wow. Guy book bloggers. They're not mythical creatures after all!

Great blog.

-Aislinn Ai