Friday, April 18, 2008

Heather Brewer's Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Ninth Grade Slays
(The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 2 )
Author: Heather Brewer
Reviewer: Michael

If you liked the first book then get ready for twice the action! Heather Brewer has done it again in Ninth Grade Slays (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 2), only better.
Vlad is finally in 9th grade with his friends. Henry’s cousin is visiting and going to the same school as them. After Vlad’s last encounter with Meredith, where he failed to kiss her, he worries if he’ll still have a chance with her. Or, will she fall in love with Henry’s cousin? Girl troubles aren’t the only thing Vlad has to worry about. He has to be careful not to let out his secret, and worry about the a vampire slayer too. Vlad has so much going on he has to be careful who he can trust.

If you read Eighth Grade Bites, this sequel is a must. If you haven’t, pick them both up you won’t be sorry.

Trailer - Ninth Grade Slays by =mree on deviantART

Check out Jason's review of Eighth Grade Bites and a link to Michael's review below.

Eighth Grade Bites
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Author: Heather Brewer
Reviewer: Jason

If being thirteen wasn't hard enough, Vladimir Tod has to hide his identity as a vampire while attending junior high. Eight Grade Bites is the first book in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series. The protagonist of the story Vladimir, or Vlad, is your average teenage vampire. Still learning to control some of his powers, Vlad is able to float, read minds and has a taste for blood. The story starts out with a chilling opening, a mysterious man and murder. Vlad grows suspicious when his English teacher suddenly disappears and a new substitute teacher takes over, Mr. Otis Otis. Vlad searches for clues about the disappearance of his teacher, Mr. Craig, and makes some startling discoveries that lead to him learning about a whole other world of vampires. Eight Grade Bites is a blood-sucking good book with plenty of twists and turns that leaves you hungry for more.

Michael's Review of Eighth Grade Bites


Jessica Burkhart said...

Great reviews, guys! :)

Karen Mahoney said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Jason! I love the last line of your review... Hehe... ;)

PJ Hoover said...

Great review! Sounds like a "must read" book!

Jody Feldman said...

Thanks for reminding me to read this. I'm going to be meeting Heather next month (May 16)at an event at the St. Charles City-County Library (St. Louis area) if anyone want to do likewise.

Jody Feldman
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Anonymous said...

Niice! Uber fawesome review.

I just bought 8th Grade Bites off Amazon, but I haven't started it yet becuase I haven't reached it yet on my list. can you say repetitive?

Oh, and we don't know your views on censorship, but we ninjas are working on a big expect an email....I guess.

In the Fog...
Kiri Vehemens

Liviania said...

Sounds like a good series - I do love vampires.

lkmadigan said...

Ah, yes. I've been meaning to read this series, but now I am far more motivated, thanks to these great reviews!


Anonymous said...

Great Review! That sounds like an interesting series.

Heather Brewer said...

Michael & Jason -

Thank you so much for such great reviews! I'm really glad you're enjoying Vlad's adventures so far. :)=

Steven said...

Your review was awesome! I just bought Eighth Grade Bites and Ninth Grade Slays, and they are both such amazing books, and I never would have noticed them! You guys rule over all other reviewers!
wow, long comment...

atreyuluver121 said...

i loved these books heather your a genius these books are always fun to read and are great pass times

iheartcanterwoodcrest said...

Sounds like a gr8 book. Can't wait to read it!