Monday, February 18, 2008


Author: Anthony Horowitz
Reviewer: David

For this next book, I read the sequel to Ark Angel in the Alex Rider series. It was very good, but definitely will not be a classic. It follows the same formula as all of the other books, but has a much unexpected twist. There is a very big betrayal at the end of the book that changes the whole course of the story.

In this book you find out a lot about Alex’s past and his parents. A reader will meet the character Ash who is Alex’s godfather. He tells Alex about his parents during a mission against a branch of Scorpia, Snakehead. The mission is to go under cover as an Iraqi emigrating from Iraq to Australia. Snakehead is illegally transferring immigrants into Australia. During this book Alex works for an Australian intelligence agency, ASIS. While in his first stop on his trip to Australia from Iraq, Alex is surprised to find out that M16 is also in Australia and that the leader of Snakehead, Major Yu is working on a big project that will kill thousands.

If a reader likes the author, Anthony Horowitz, then I suggest that they read Raven’s Gate and that series. The books are very good and don’t follow the same formula as all of the other books. I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars because it had some good parts, but was the same as all of the other books.

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