Friday, August 6, 2010

Times up.

It is time to officially close shop. While I love the idea of boys blogging books, sadly, the boys who originally committed to this are no longer able to commit.

Kurtis, while he is still reading , is busy recording for a CD that will be released in the fall. While he has previously been on three compilation CD's, this year he will release a CD that is all his music.

Hopeful is one of the songs on this years compilation released in April:

You can find more of his music on iTunes and/or by going here:

Michael will be starting High School this year and has begun pursuing music as well. He also remains an avid reader, but unfortunately, does not have time to keep reviewing.

Here are some other Boys Book Blogs you might want to check out:

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out through our sporadic postings. Thanks to the guys who committed for at least a while. I'm not taking the blog site down. There are some great reviews and interviews. Hopefully they will encourage someone to read something they might not have otherwise tried.

Sheri (The adult behind the curtain)


Readingjunky said...

Oh, I'm sorry to see you go. I've enjoyed watching for the reviews. Best of luck to everyone and keep reading.


Goadingthepen said...

Thanks RJ- I really wish I could have gotten more guys on board. I had a constant stream of review requests that we just couldn't keep up with. It was sad removing the blog from the signature tag on my email. =(

Diet Program said...

While it is unfortunate that you are closing shop, I am glad to hear that the boys are doing well - Kurtis with his music and Michael with High School.

My hope is that boys who read your blog would step forward and volunteer to continue the work that your boys have started out.

Wild About Words said...

Thanks! And best of luck to the guys!