Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

Author: Stephanie Meyer
Reviewer: Stephen
As a boy I saw this book become popular I thought eww that is a chick flick, what type of guy would read that? Then, I saw the movie and realized that it was not so bad. When I needed some thing to read and a friend was reading it I decided that I would try it. The book was about a girl named Bella Swan, a girl whose parents are divorced and lives in Arizona with her mom. When her mom goes to live with her boy-friend Phil, Bella decides to move in with her father who is the police chief in a little town of forks on the Olympian peninsula. On her first day of school she is really nervous when she gets to her second to last class she has to sit next to Edward Cullen a very attractive guy she saw at lunch. In that class he completely ignores her and is absent for the next week. When Edward gets back he is a lot nicer and socializes with her. Over the next few months they fall in love. When Bella realizes that Edward is not exactly human she learns that he and his family are vampires that feed on animals instead of humans. When another group of vampires visits, one of them, James starts hunting Bella. When James takes Bella's mom hostage she meets him alone to save her mom. When she learns James didn't have her mom she gets in a fight and breaks a leg and gets mortally wounded. Will Edward come to her rescue in time or will she die? Twilight kept me at the edge of my seat. I definitely recommend this book, even to the guys out there.

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Reese said...

My issue with Twilight is that the protagonist is unconscious during the CLIMAX. Sure, sure, the angel is an okay chapter, but I want to see some action. Such is the appeal of the movie. It's cool how you catch stuff the second time around, like when Edward is watching her outside.

Although as a member of Team Mike I must add that Edward is a pretty epic creeper.

But I love Twilight anyway.

And I know loads of guys who like Twilight!