Monday, December 3, 2007

What's Coming Up

Just to keep you updated the boys are busy reading their hearts out! The holiday and school have slowed them down just slightly.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the boys. We are compiling a survey and will be sending it out soon. We will post the results as soon as they are in.

Just around the corner look forward to a review of Quaking and an interview with the author Kathy Erskine. Kurtis will also be interviewing John Green, author of Looking for Alaska, a Printz Award-winning first novel. Kurtis will share what captured his attention about this book.

Sometime before the new year the boys will be putting together a list of their favorite books of 2007.

Thanks to all who continue to support the boys efforts!

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Abby said...

Looking forward to seeing what you boys have been reading and what you enjoyed in 2007! Keep up the great work!